Fit Factory Kumeu

Fit Factory Kumeu is spread over two levels. On our ground floor we have most of our strength machines and all our cardio equipment. Upstairs we have a massive studio space, a dedicated stretching area, and a variety of lower body strength machines and mirrors for private strength training.

We have every piece of equipment and all the facilities you need to reach your fitness goals. 

Fit Factory Kumeu was the first Fit Factory set up.  It opened in 2013 by a local Riverhead lad and has since grown to the top club in the area.   Proudly original and unique, our club is just different with a strong welcoming community culture.  We have a huge variety of members from all walks of life and all of them are absolute legends.

Equipment We Are Packing

Cardio Equipment

• Technogym Treadmills
• Technogym Cross Trainers
• Technogym Exercise Bikes
• Technogym Step Machines (Powermills)
• Spin Bikes
• Concept 2 Rowing Machines and Bikes
• 8 Boxing Bags


We offer a full range of strength equipment to achieve those gains! If you want to go heavy, we have the equipment to  take the load. Come down and test our leg presses, hack squat, smith machine, cage, bench presses or our cable crossovers. 

We also have full range of barbells, dumbbells, pin and plate loaded machines spread throughout the gym. Our equipment is manufactured by Life Fitness, Hammer Strength Get Strength, Fitness Works and Paramount.

Group Classes 

  • Factory Combat
  • Zumba
  • Factory Cardio
  • Factory Circuit
  • Factory Yoga

Our Turf


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