Flexibility you want? We got you covered?

Adult Flexible (4 week notice to cancel)*$16.99 Per Week
Student/Senior Flexible (4 week notice to cancel)*$13.99 Per Week

You are committed!  Enjoy cheaper pricing..

Adult Committed (12 month commitment)*$13.99 Per Week
Student/Senior Committed (12 month commitment)*$12.49 Per Week

Rather pay upfront.  We have a deal for you..

Adult Full Year $676 Paid Upfront$13.00 Per Week
Student/Senior Full Year $598 Paid Upfront$11.50 Per Week

*small DD fee applies to those choosing to pay weekly by DD

What You Need To Know

Step 1

Click the 'Join Now' button for your respective crew and complete the membership form

Step 2

Visit us on site during these times

0900 - 1230 and 1330 - 1900
0900 - 1230 and 1330 - 1900
0900 - 1230 and 1330 - 1900
0900 - 1230 and 1330 - 1900
0900 - 1200
0930 - 1230 (Kumeu) and 0900 - 1200 (Glen Eden and Warkworth)
Non Staffed

Please note, hours may vary slightly between gyms, please ring the numbers provide under the contact page to confirm someone will be there to help you

What to bring

1. Photo ID (Driver's License, Passport, 18+ Card)

2. If you are signing up for a student membership please bring student ID

What we will do

1. Give you a tour of the gym and all the key features

2. Issue you your key tag and show you how to use it to access the gym 24/7

3. Help you with any questions or queries

Step 3

Congratulate yourself. You have just made a fantastic decision

Frequently Asked Questions...

1. Are you locked into any contracts?

Members are not locked into any long term contracts! If a member wants to cancel, we will ask them to complete a cancellation form and give us four weeks notice. Easy as!

2. Do you have fortnightly or monthly payment plans?

We have all sorts of options for our members. Take advantage of our upfront memberships at a discounted rate, or choose to pay fortnightly or monthly

3. Does my weekly membership costs include personal trainer sessions or classes?

Personal training sessions are available with our trainers. However these are at an additional cost to the weekly membership. Classes at Fit Factory Kumeu are complimentary with your membership

4. Are there any other costs I need to worry about?

We charge a one off $20.00 admin fee.  Also, there a small direct debit fee of $1.15 per direct debit or 2.95% if using credit card which is charged by EziDebit

5. Is there a joining fee?

Yes, but just a small fee of $20

6. I am under 16, can I join the gym?

Yes no problem. However, we will need permission from your parents

7. Can you access the gym 24 hours?

Yes. The gym can be accessed 24 hours, 7 days a week. All you need is your key tag


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